Super Tuesday

5 Feb

I’ve always been a voter.  Even though I have missed an election due to distance or busyness, I like to do my duty.  One of the first things Aaron and I did when we moved to KY was register to vote.  So on one of the most important days to let your voting voice be heard, I am silent.  Not by choice…Kentucky is not one of the 24 states included in Super Tuesday.  Oh how I wish I were home.  My home state, Oklahoma, had the privilege of voting today, though I am disappointed in who won the democratic vote.  I am registered as a Republican, but this is one of the first Presidential races that I have been open to both sides of the fence.  It has been interesting for me to see which issues I am now focused on as I am a poor seminary student in my child bearing years who wants to see change in this country.  I want us to be the country we are capable of being.  I will be watching and listening closely.  We need truth, integrity, strong faith, hope, and humility.  I just wish I could have gotten an, ‘I Voted’  sticker today.  Maybe I should take a poll…..  

One Response to “Super Tuesday”

  1. Eric Weaver February 6, 2008 at 12:33 am #

    Well babe, it looks like another sham with the right cow towing to every Washington and Wall Street rich dog in the good old boys club again and baby killers and lobbyists on the left. My man John Edwards already dropped out. So I spent today wishing I could vote for my favorite candidate watching MSNBC. What a crock. I love you!! Maybe Obama will get saved by Pat Robertson! Or maybe Hillary will meet with Billy Graham? You never know.

    Nice works as well! You’re getting better everyday.

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