Winter Days

17 Jan

Bare BeautyI am very disappointed.  We were promised snow accumulation, and alas, I awoke this morning and there was only a sprinkling of powder.  Instead of a lovely winter day with fancy flakes, we have that cold, miserable drizzle here and there.  It makes me want to get under the covers with a corn bag at my feet (It’s cold!), and dream the day away.  Since I already went to work today, this is becoming a likely possibility.  Now, I’m just torn between cozy and cuddly and being responsible and cleaning the house and finishing putting away the Christmas decorations. 

Yes, they are still up.  The tree is down, and that is a big improvement considering the two previous years it has been up into February.  I mean, if you spend all that money on decorations, they deserve to be displayed for a good amount of time, I think.  I don’t know what we are going to do when we have kids, and we start getting ornaments for them.  We will have to get them their own tree!  I can’t get rid of any; they all have significant memories!  OK, I could part with a few… I mean how many red plastic apples from elementary school does one person need? 

Well, I have rambled enough.  I must get back to important matters…. Like a good nap! 

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